Book and Movie review #1 

The Divergent Series

I recently read the Divergent series… and the review is quite mixed in terms of positivity and negativity.

I was never a girl that could pick up a book and sit still for hours reading, in fact I hated it because I hate sitting still. But, when I discovered Divergent that all changed.

It took me probably about three years to read the trilogy, and yes I know that’s a long time. I would put the book down and forget about it after a while, but it was mainly due to the fact I loved it so much (I never wanted it to end) – so I didn’t read the last book as quickly because I didn’t want it to be over.

The first book was incredible. I actually watched the film first (which, at the time, was amazing) but when I read the book it opened up a whole new world for me – in terms of liking the book more than the film. It’s gotten to a point now where I will watch a bunch of trailers, and buy the books so I can read it and know what happens before the movie release (because I’m very impatient and can’t wait for movie release dates). But, anyway, the detail in the first book was amazing. Everything was so beautifully worded and put together, that I could actually put myself in the main character’s shoes, which is normally quite hard to do. 

The second book was absolutely amazing, so much so that I read it during a two week holiday in Mexico. That was the fastest I had ever read a book before – I was impressed with myself but I was also kind of gutted when I started the third book, because the second was by far the best one. In comparison to the movie, the book was substantially better. However, the second movie was on a whole new level compared to the first movie. 

The third book kind of went down hill, in my opinion. It was amazing, don’t get me wrong, but it felt a little ‘jumbled’ and a little confusing at times. It was quite hard to keep track of what was going on due to the fast pace. The film was just a disappointment. The first time I watched it, I loved it, but when I rewatched it I realised that that was probably due to the excitement of its release. The film completely drifted from the book plot, and it was clear the budget for the movie was lower than it was for the first two movies. 

Overall, the books were clearly better, but the ending was awful. This, in no way, is criticism towards the author’s skill. I, personally, think that it was an injustice to end it so quickly and so unemotionally considering the trauma that the characters faced. 

Now, time for the rant. 

After the three years I spent loving this trilogy, I was extremely furious to discover that the movie would not be released in cinema. I was even more annoyed to discover that since the previous discovery, most of the cast declined to work on the final instalment – if it was to be a TV movie release or a TV show spinoff. That, I think is understandable, as I would do the same if I was in the actor’s shoes. However, being a fan of the trilogy, I am extremely annoyed that the final chapter of this long journey may not even happen, and if it does, that it won’t be made in the same way or even in the form of a movie. I understand that without a decent budget, there’s not much that the producer can do, but I am extremely disappointed about this as I was looking forward to finishing this journey off in the cinema, with I gigantic tub of popcorn and a box of tissues.

All in all, the books were incredible and opened up a whole new world for me, as did the films. It’s just a shame that fans and the actors involved won’t get the ending we all wanted and hoped for. 


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