Friday Fashion Faves #1

I’ve decided to do something called a “Fashion Faves Friday”.

It may not necessarily be fashion itself (clothing), but it will be based on fashion as a general – such as things like makeup and jewellery or styles (hair in particular). 

What will be in store this Friday? I thought I’d stick to the winter theme since winter weather is seemingly here to stay, even as spring arrives! 

So my first is obviously going to be the popular yellow rain mac. I live in England, so rain is pretty much guaranteed no matter the season. 

Here’s where you can purchase this specific mac:

You can’t go wrong with a good pair of slightly baggy, ripped jeans! I have yet to invest in some but they sure do look good!

Unfortunately, the credit for this image goes to Pinterest (which is a good thing, however there is no shop that I can find that does this exact pair of jeans!)

I, myself, run on tea and not coffee, but this jumper sure is nice! The grey would go perfectly with a light pair of jeans and a yellow mac. The perfect edition for a cosy/casual look. 

This was also found on interest, but you can purchase it here:

Now, for the exciting part… makeup! 

I absolutely love this makeup look, especially the lippy! It’s rather casual but still look lovely. 

Her tumblr account:

And to finish off… 

you have to have a messy bun look to finish off this perfect casual look. 

Thanks for checking out this edition of Friday Fashion Faves, be sure to check out my other blog posts. 


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