Friday Fashion Faves #2

Summer is finally here (technically spring but it’s lighter later and warmer!) so I figured that today’s post should be rather summery inspired!

So to start, I thought some cropped jeans would be a rather nice base to this outfit, with a floral patch on the back pocket. In addition to this, I thought a light blue striped shirt – with sleeves folded to the elbow – helps with the slow transition from winter to spring/summer! 

To add to this summery mix of blues and florals, a nude palette for makeup I considered to be the perfect go-to style to match this rather casual attire. 



And finally, the shoes!


1. A lovely, yet simple pair of black heels would make the perfect conclusion to this subtle yet stunning outfit!



 2. A quirky, flowery pair of heels, perfect for the transition from winter to spring! 

P.s sorry for the early publish, I’m saving something more special for Friday!!


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